How to Deliver Exactly the Right Message at Exactly the Right Moment.

The true power of digital signage is that it gives you the power to change, adapt and adjust your messages to suit unique audiences, locations, seasons ... even day parts. Campaigns can be uploaded, updated or modified in real time, from any internet-connected computer.

Step One.

Create your advertisement or message. Design Requirements and Best Practices.

Step Two.

Upload your files to the immediate images content management server. Your immediate images representative will give you a unique client name and password, and show you step-by-step how to access and use the content management system.

Step Three.

Use the immediate images content management program to schedule when and where your messages will run.

Step Four.

Monitor your campaign and change, replace or adjust your content in real time to suit your campaign needs. Learn More

At every step of this process, your immediate images representative will be on hand to ensure that your communications campaigns are executed smoothly and with a minimum of extra effort on your part.. The immediate images content management system is continuously evolving - proof of our ongoing effort to lead the digital signage industry in both customer service and technology. For details and to arrange a demonstration of our content management system, contact us:

In Vancouver: 604-542-1082

Ads can be scheduled down to the minute.
Or by day of the week
With different start and end dates
You can schedule any number ads to run in a loop
You can alternate ads with different messages from one loop to the next
Or run them back-to-back
Ads can be changed at any time, in real time
You have complete control over what ads you are displaying, where and when they're being seen